HondaPro Jason x Dream Automotive

One morning in May, I received a message from a man in the USA, claiming to be a Honda ‘Pro’. His message detailed how he was currently on a World tour, with his upcoming stop being London and did we have any events he could visit. Always skeptical, a little light research later and the truth came to light. This man was in fact the HondaPro, Jason. I wasted no time at all in reaching out to Ash, the founder of WDS, to inform him of this man’s arrival and find out what we could work out. 

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It quickly came to my attention that a small yet reputable company by the name of Dream Automotive, run by a man called Phil Crafford, has almost exactly what we had in mind. From a brief call, I was given the concise version of current project at the garage, many of which can be seen throughout this article. Starting with Dan Sopher’s KRZ (a K20 CR-Z if you hadn’t worked it out) and going through a Rotrex supercharged Mini and ending at an F series powered Caterham, it was with no surprise I had a mini ‘crisis’, in the words of Mr Clarkson. Phil asked if we could rustle up some fellow Honda’s and left with the parting, slightly cryptic message, ‘come to our school.’ Turns out Dream is based within a school grounds in Watford, with a more enthusiast driven ethos as opposed to a full on business setup. 

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With Phil’s request to rustle up more Hondas, our thoughts quickly turned to who to invite. We weren’t being picky but with the knowledge space was limited we quickly began to reach out to fellow enthusiasts who could make it down. Owning an S2000 myself, I invited the owner of S2KUK, the largest S2000 owners club in the UK along with some firm favourites of ours, the Stance Daily crew. We’ll be dropping by East London sometime soon to check them out properly and bring you content from their infamous evening activities. 

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Finally the day of the event rolled around. I had briefed Ash earlier in the week, but between his regular job and other work, he almost forgot about the evening entirely! After a quick stop to grab him and his gear, we set off to Dream, only to decide that a kebab was about the best idea any man could have, ultimately stopping to chow down. Indicative of the small area where Dream is based, whilst eating, we ran into Ian (S2KUK) who has had the same idea and stopped at the same place. While Ian was busy ordering, another regular face, Marius, owner of a particularly aggreSsive S2000, zipped past, on his way to the very same event. 

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Upon arriving at Dream, Phil gave us a warm greeting and offered us a burger, to which we couldn’t say no, not even post kebab. Shortly after, a brand new Honda HR-V quietly rolled in, almost unnoticed, until an obviously American accent asked where the best place to park it would be. HondaPro Jason had arrived. With cars turning up seemingly every thirty seconds, time was of the essence and Jason was instantly bombarded with curious Brits asking questions about the difference in culture across the world, his favourite Honda and a whole host of other questions. Looking around, it was quickly clear that we’d successfully organised another small gathering where no judgements between taste existed, only a welcoming and accepting state of mind. Below you’ll find the rest of the pictures and a video captured on the day, showcasing the limited yet diverse range of cars on show on the day.

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Words by: George Wong

Pictures by:Ash Beezmohun

Video Shot by: Ash Beezmohun and George Wong

Edited by: Ash Beezmohun

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