Wheels Day 2016

England isn’t known for it’s nice weather during the early months of the year, however a break in the usually terrible, grey days came in the form of what is now one of my annual fixtures; Wheels Day. Held in Aldershot at Rushmoor Arena, the show exhibits a variety of metal largely from an era that didn’t care about emissions.

I can say with a fair amount of certainty that as a kid, many of us dreamed of owning one of those huge land yachts with names like Dodge and Chevrolet but to be up close and personal with a number of these and in the UK was a new experience entirely. Prior to this, the only time I’d seen anything remotely close was attending Hot Rod Night at Ace Cafe in London a couple of times and Wheels Day absolutely blew Hot Rod Night out of the water.

It seemed that no matter which direction I pointed the lens, there was always
something of interest, the sun catching a chrome detail here, a rat look hot rod there, a clean cruiser elsewhere. I have never been to an event that made me feel so at home and comfortable. Sadly owing to the nature of the day, I wasn’t able to capture everything just the way I wanted to but I will be using my images as a reference to help find these owners and bring you more content.

To add to the already evident hype I have in regards to the event, the ticket price is a measly £5. I mean, money’s money but that’s not a lot to ask to see a number of very cool cars that don’t come with cruise control or cameras that tell you what’s ahead at night. Maybe that’s the old fashioned side of me speaking out – I’ve never been much of an advocate of the new technology, but it never fails to impress me. I mean just look at BMW’s latest concept, that one with the spherical wheels, there’s no denying that concept is straight out of the future.

Those who know me well know that I have a particular soft spot for lowriders too so imagine my surprise and happiness upon stumbling across a Buick Regal, jacked up at the front with a crazy paintjob and showing all the signs of being a somewhat decent lowrider. And by complete contrast on the very same row of cars, about fifty feet away sat a lifted old pickup truck with zero signs of proper attention. It seemed that only at Wheels Day could gems like these be found – safe to say I have never seen either vehicle via online media or out and about.

As we trawled the show, only enjoying ourselves further, we happened upon all sorts of cars, from the well thought out and tastefully modified to the outright outrageous. All sorts of land yachts met the eye whilst immediately behind were small hot rods, only emphasised by owners and cars around them. We eventually decided to call it a day and ended up haunting the exit so we could catch some loss-of-traction action. For now, we’ll leave you with a very capable burnout photo and a bunch of bonus images.


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